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Data Driven

What good is data collected if it can’t be used? Veritas QA has developed a powerful analytics tool that allows us to deliver useful data to our client’s management team. Our analytics tool allows our clients to evaluate communities, personnel and trade performance.

Useful information to help you Manage…

  • Assess Individual Construction Manager performance
  • Evaluate Individual Trade Performance
  • Compare performance between communities
  • Evaluate time to clear inspections
  • Track inspections in failed status
  • Identify top recurring deficiencies
  • Monitor average number of deficiencies
  • Track Not Ready inspections

Going Above and Beyond

At Veritas QA we strive daily to help our clients reduce risk and achieve their quality assurance goals. We are a responsive, dependable, consistent and reliable asset to our client’s production and management teams. Call us today to see how we can help.

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